To transport your pet different travel documents are required, these need to be in the English language.

• A valid health certificate signed by a registered veterinarian. The certificate has to be issued between two and eight days before departure.

• Your pet is at least ten weeks old on departure date. For puppies up to 12 weeks often extra strict rules apply. Because these can vary between countries we advise to contact the embassy of the destination country.

• A valid declaration that your pet has been inoculated against rabies at least 21 days before departure is mandatory.

• If you travel outside the European Union we advise you to contact the local embassy to get informed concerning the rules and mandatory health certificates for importing a pet.

• Pets travelling within the European Union need to be micro chipped and have an official European pet passport. This pet passport must be issued by a registered veterinarian and contain following details:

1. Name and address details of the owner

2. Description of the pet, like colour of the fur

3. Type identification: microchip

4. Date and brand of the rabies inoculation

5. Serological test for rabies

6. Proof of tick treatment

7. Proof of treatment against tapeworm

8. Other inoculations

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